Wir Gedanken

This composition is an excercise for the electroacoustical composition course „headspaces“ led by Kirsten Reese at UDK Berlin. The guideline was to arrange our personal recorded material without any effects. I wanted this to build a connection between my every day life and the one of my companion who at the moment is working and living in Seoul. She send me the recording of the copy machine.Concerning the formal structure of the piece I tried to bracket it with the building up and breaking down of the radio transmission. It begins with me trying to turn on my old 50’s Nordmende radio which belonged to my grand-grandfather. It always takes a bit time until the tubes are getting hot and sound kicks in, so you always get this slight crescendo. In this moment, at the end of the piece, where the first understandable words of the radio speaker are getting a semantic content, it breaks down and circles just around the two words „Wir“, which means „we“ and „Gedanken“ meaning „thoughts“.