15th February 2017 Joulumaa/Kosmodrome/Java Delle/lymphe at Gängeviertel Hamburg


04th February 2017 Nikolas List/Mung (멍) at re:flexions silent series #1 Augsburg

23th November 2016 Benjamin Düster/Body Bender/Dreascrum at DAT Soli-Show #4 Loophole Berlin

05th November 2016 I’ve seen Demons/ Kazehito Seki at echokammer #26 Augsburg

29th October 2016 I’ve seen Demons/グラスウチ/The Preterite/Tallone at DAT Soli-Show #1 at Xb-Liebig Berlin

08th October 2016  (Digital Life) アクティブ Rudimentation at DAT Festival Berlin 

01th June 2016 Jour Fixe together with Thomas Radam at Cooperativa Neue Musik Bielefeld: GegenKassettenWart

29th May 2016 (Digital Life) アクティブ Rudimentation at Noiseberg #41

13th May 2016 Performance (Digital Life) アクティブ Rudimentation at Sonic Front Concert at Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn, New York

16th March 2016 Head of Wantastiquet + Mung (멍) at Spektrum Berlin

13th March 2016 The Eye of Time + Mung (멍) at Tiefgrund Berlin 

6th February 2016 12:45h Kunstquartier Bethanien: Presentation at Research Networking Day of the CTM Festival: DIY Again, or Still DIY? Mapping Cassette Production in Berlin’s Music Scene

6th December 2015 Mung (멍) + Belly Hole Freak + Agente Costura + Kovacs/O’Doherty at XB Sunday Matinee #5

4th October 2015 Mung (멍) (Duo of Tell Brak Continuum and Benjamin Düster) + Martin Lau

at Noiseberg #16

26th June 2015 next generation 6.0 festival at ZKM Karlsruhe

26th April 2015 Konzert Berliner Lautsprecher Orchester at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin

7th March 2015 Mangrove Kipling event at YOGIGA artspace Seoul

8th February 2015 Zoom + Focus: 4 channel installation at Hochschule Für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin