Drone sichtbar machen durch Schmetterlinge

Being inspired to deal more with the concepts of La Monte Young from a seminar with the title minmal music led by Dr. Yvonne Wasserloos and Prof. Manfred Waffender at Robert-Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf in winter 2013, I wrote this text in summer 2014. It proposes some aesthetical questions towards the fifth work of La Monte Young’s series compositions 1960 that had a significant influence on the movement of Fluxus. See the instruction for the performance of composition 1960 #5 below. (For the full text in german language click on the picture below.)

compostion 1960 #5

“Turn a butterfly (or any number of butterflies) loose in the performance area. When
the composition is over, be sure to allow the butterfly to fly away outside. The composition
may be any length, but if an unlimited amount of time is available, the doors
and windows may be opened before the butterfly is turned loose and the composition
may be considered finished when the butterfly flies away.”