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German experimental underground 015 survey

My piece Rehearsal is featured on the German experimental underground sampler curated by italian soundartist Sonologyst.


My piece rehearsal is made from sometimes unintended and often unwanted sounds that occure while preparing a guitar for playing. It was played at the ZOOM+FOCUS concerts at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin as a 4-channel installation, at the concert De Natura sonorum on the Berlin Akusmonium or Lautsprecherorchester and at the next generation 6.0 at ZKM Karlsruhe.


Das oftmals als lästig empfundene Phänomen des Auf- und Abbauens für musikalische Aufführungen erzeugt Klänge, die als Bedingungen für erwünschte und präsentierte Klangphänomene innerhalb einer Konzert – oder Probensituation interpretiert werden können. Das Stück wendet dieses Prinzip auf die E-Gitarre an und versucht die Klänge, die vor dem ersten intendierten Anschlag einer Saite notwendig oder auch zufällig erklingen, in den Fokus zu rücken.


This is also an early piece I build up from the twelve tone row developed by Fritz Heinrich Klein. I guess it’s most famous use was by Alban Berg in his Lyrische Suite from 1925. I played this with an old out of tune toy harmonium that was found on the dump and recorded it with a 60’s Grundig microphone my mom bought for me in a rag shop. I played every Intervall in long periods so that the beating of the frequencies could develop as long as necessary. The whole piece is one movement through the row in forward and backward motion at the same time. With the tritone marking the middle of the piece, my idea was to play all possible complementary intervalls after each other in different combinations.

Wir Gedanken

This composition is an excercise for the electroacoustical composition course „headspaces“ led by Kirsten Reese at UDK Berlin. The guideline was to arrange our personal recorded material without any effects. I wanted this to build a connection between my every day life and the one of my companion who at the moment is working and living in Seoul. She send me the recording of the copy machine.Concerning the formal structure of the piece I tried to bracket it with the building up and breaking down of the radio transmission. It begins with me trying to turn on my old 50’s Nordmende radio which belonged to my grand-grandfather. It always takes a bit time until the tubes are getting hot and sound kicks in, so you always get this slight crescendo. In this moment, at the end of the piece, where the first understandable words of the radio speaker are getting a semantic content, it breaks down and circles just around the two words „Wir“, which means „we“ and „Gedanken“ meaning „thoughts“.


I think this project was one of the first experiments that I was fiddling around with, still using the guitar as musical center. You can hear that I kept an early earth like guitar riff in the backround. The high pitch drone was generated with two tape loops in a row.