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日本サウンド: Self Deconstruction

Self Deconstruction is a grindcore/power violence trio from Tokyo. The band was iniciated as a free style grindcore project by ex Sete Star Sept guitarist Kuzuha and also consits of the vocalist Kubine and drummer Jiro. Especially the striking guitar work of guitarist Kuzuha is perfectly getting into connection with Jiro’s drum work and the cutting screams of the two vocalists. Their songs are short, brutal, with a strong urge to move forward, it sometimes feel you were already overrun before really realizing it. But within this amzingly fast style the band still manages to keep all the components together so there is still groove within this storm of furious guitar riffs, screams and pummeling drums. Self Deconstruction’s live shows are, as far I can evaluate this through the videos I saw, perfectly fitting to their music: raw and kinetic. They released a good bunch of cassettes, CD’s and vinyl’s, a lot of them are already sold out but they still have some in their webshop. They’ll soon have a split tape with Doom band Guevnna release party on october 19th at the Earthdom in Shinjuku. Guitarist Kuzuha seems to be involved in many grind bands of the tokyo scene. As far as I can oversee it she also plays in the projects Extreme Schreck Terror, Molkex and 葛葉 DUO and also as a solo Noise artist. There’s one album and two tracks from a demo on bandcamp I deeply recommend. Favourite track from the album is the title track superficial.


Self Deconstruction Website

Self Deconstruction Bandcamp

日本サウンド: ito project

Lot’s of great artists and projects found in the last weeks. Here’s ito project. I’m not quite sure where they are located in Japan I guess somewhere in the area of Muroran, Some awesome raw emoviolence with a kinetic live flair in their recording style. They have a lot of free downloads on their bandcamp page including a 3way split with UYU from Toyko and AL-KAMAR who released their Ouroboros Ring EP also on cassette. Anyway I recommend their album 遠方より終着 circa (Last stop from afar) which they also released on CD. I don’t know wether they play live shows for I am not really sure if this is a solo project but regarding their sound I deeply hope so!


ito project website

ito project Bandcamp