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German experimental underground 015 survey

My piece Rehearsal is featured on the German experimental underground sampler curated by italian soundartist Sonologyst.


Kelly Churko – atrophy of the instant C 24 (Sludge Tapes)

Kelly Churko left a hint in the liner notes. Between the recording dates and the hardware sponsors he simply writes: „refer: paul virillio: the aesthetics of disappearance“ and „greg egan: schild’s ladder“. Well, I have to admit I am not familiar with either of these works but it seems they inspired the track titles such as „luminous emissions“ or „productive disharmony“. I guess it is to much to call this tape a concept album but yet, it is a compilation of composed works that as a whole can be seen as a composition in itself. By stating twisted stuff like that I simply mean: You put the tape on and the sonic scapes embrace you from the first second on. The single tracks are standing for themselves while being carefully weaved into the whole stream of sound: Between them there are no fractions. As far as the quality of the sounds is concerned it is rich in texture. It almost seems at some points more like a material object: The cracks and glitches then appear somehow physically within one’s reach.

When I saw the Churko’s name on the tape lying in the store I directly remembered the story of him mixing the record of Incapacitants live performance at the 2007 No Fun Fest: „Kelly, Can you make it more harsh?“ However the store owner I bought it from just simply said: „Yeah, it’s noisy but not harsh noise…“ Anyway, the cool thing about it is: The more I listen to it the more it blurrs and blends the boundaries of the different styles. After all what you will definintely get is an immersive sonic experience and to me that is what really matters.

Kelly did an outstanding job on this.

Sludge Tapes

日本サウンド: Self Deconstruction

Self Deconstruction is a grindcore/power violence trio from Tokyo. The band was iniciated as a free style grindcore project by ex Sete Star Sept guitarist Kuzuha and also consits of the vocalist Kubine and drummer Jiro. Especially the striking guitar work of guitarist Kuzuha is perfectly getting into connection with Jiro’s drum work and the cutting screams of the two vocalists. Their songs are short, brutal, with a strong urge to move forward, it sometimes feel you were already overrun before really realizing it. But within this amzingly fast style the band still manages to keep all the components together so there is still groove within this storm of furious guitar riffs, screams and pummeling drums. Self Deconstruction’s live shows are, as far I can evaluate this through the videos I saw, perfectly fitting to their music: raw and kinetic. They released a good bunch of cassettes, CD’s and vinyl’s, a lot of them are already sold out but they still have some in their webshop. They’ll soon have a split tape with Doom band Guevnna release party on october 19th at the Earthdom in Shinjuku. Guitarist Kuzuha seems to be involved in many grind bands of the tokyo scene. As far as I can oversee it she also plays in the projects Extreme Schreck Terror, Molkex and 葛葉 DUO and also as a solo Noise artist. There’s one album and two tracks from a demo on bandcamp I deeply recommend. Favourite track from the album is the title track superficial.


Self Deconstruction Website

Self Deconstruction Bandcamp

日本サウンド: ito project

Lot’s of great artists and projects found in the last weeks. Here’s ito project. I’m not quite sure where they are located in Japan I guess somewhere in the area of Muroran, Some awesome raw emoviolence with a kinetic live flair in their recording style. They have a lot of free downloads on their bandcamp page including a 3way split with UYU from Toyko and AL-KAMAR who released their Ouroboros Ring EP also on cassette. Anyway I recommend their album 遠方より終着 circa (Last stop from afar) which they also released on CD. I don’t know wether they play live shows for I am not really sure if this is a solo project but regarding their sound I deeply hope so!


ito project website

ito project Bandcamp




My piece rehearsal is made from sometimes unintended and often unwanted sounds that occure while preparing a guitar for playing. It was played at the ZOOM+FOCUS concerts at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin as a 4-channel installation, at the concert De Natura sonorum on the Berlin Akusmonium or Lautsprecherorchester and at the next generation 6.0 at ZKM Karlsruhe.


Das oftmals als lästig empfundene Phänomen des Auf- und Abbauens für musikalische Aufführungen erzeugt Klänge, die als Bedingungen für erwünschte und präsentierte Klangphänomene innerhalb einer Konzert – oder Probensituation interpretiert werden können. Das Stück wendet dieses Prinzip auf die E-Gitarre an und versucht die Klänge, die vor dem ersten intendierten Anschlag einer Saite notwendig oder auch zufällig erklingen, in den Fokus zu rücken.


Mixtape with some classics and some Berlin related stuff. First two tracks from Berlin based Hardcore Punk Band PISS. Deeply recommend their 2013 Demo Tape you can download it for free on their bandcamp site. Make sure to catch them live they will be playing at this years Wedding Summer Crust Fest.


First Mung (멍) Performance at Noiseberg #16

Thomas and I will be performing our first show as a duo with the name Mung (멍)  at Noiseberg #16 on sunday the 4th october. We will be sharing the stage with Martin Lau definitely looking forward for that. Checkout Noisebergs Facebook page and their website for a full schedule.

Mung (멍) + Martin Lau at Noiseberg #16

4th october 2015 18:00pm

Oppelner Straße 12, 10997 Berlin

Performance of Rehearsal

I’m glad and honoured to say that I will perform my piece Rehearsal this sunday with the Berliner Lautsprecherorchester live at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin. The orchestra consists of various different ludspeakers and transducers attached to different objects and materials such as a Yamaha Grand Piano, some Metal plates, and percussion instruments. The concert name is De Natura Sonorum and is a tribute to Bernard Parmegiani. Start is at 6pm admission is free.

Sonntag, den 26. April 2015
18.00 Uhr
HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin, Studiosaal, Charlottenstr. 55


Noise session with Thomas Radam

These are the first two sessions I played and recorded together with Berlin based artist Thomas Radam.

Listening through words or: The short (and nearly hastened) but invigorated Journey of Leon, who made it through the Cable by 7oi8

Soundartist 7oi8 from Düsseldorf made a musical piece in regard of the question wether language can affect or predetermine the way we listen to music:

„Meaning generated by words. What would the music be without words?“

In this case it is the title of the track that can be a guidance to the perception. Even though I’m sceptic wether language may have such a strong influence on our listening, I generally find it interesting to think about this. Since I was confronted with John Cage statement that people are not able to separate the aural perception from other senses like the visual it seems reasonable to me to state that this conception can be also transferred from our way of perceiving music onto our way of reproducing music. If I try to apply Ludwig Wittgenstein’s sentence: „The boundary of my language represents the boundary of my world.“ onto music it is obvious that it appears nearly impossible to describe or communicate about music without using words. Nevertheless this is a thought of dealing with music in an interactive social context. I don’t think that in general our mechanisms of thinking are necessarily determined and therefore limited by language. Leaving the theories of the language of thought or Wittgenstein’s private language aside, the question is, how can I experience something as music without using language? Even the thought: „I want to listen to some music.“ is incorporating words and a linguistic structure. Regarding Cage’s statement this question can be answered quite simply by stating somebody just has to listen to sounds to create music in his perception even without an actual formulated thought in the mind. With this it is more a matter of focussing attention than creating a rational perception. But at last it doesen’t seem that easy to me. Often the mind reacts in more than one direction when the senses are sending information. For the example of music I would say that it may be true that while listening to it the mind is producing linguistic or at least likewise structures for organising the impressions. But at the same time it can be building emotional, visual, haptic etc. structures linked with the impression of the sounds we generally call music. Fixing this in an abstract way I would say that language can be an integral part of dealing with music but yet definetely not the only one.


Improvisation: Electroacoustic Raga together with 7oi8

This ist the first improvisation I performed in collaboration with 7oi8 while I was staying with him during the holidays in Düsseldorf. Our material mostly consists of synthetic and recorded sounds. This take is the last and to our oppinion the best one of about 20 sessions we recorded. The structure is not completely free improvised it is changing between free form and fixed interaction points. For both of us it was a very insightful and beautiful experience.